Croatian Dress

Croatian Dress

Croatian Dress

Croatian dress can be subdivided into three fields according to its specific characteristics: the Panonian, the Dinarian and the Adriatic.

There are three subdivisions of Croatian Folklore based on specific attributes and characteristics:

The Panonian:

Flax and cotton cloth is made to form comfortable and loose-fitting clothes for both male and female, as well as wool that has been kneaded and knitted. The garb of the Panonian Lowlands has variations with regards to decoration, cut, and crease – spanning from dense and multi-coloured stitches depicting decorations of animals and plants – to simple and modest stitchwork of only one colour. Please visit online casino usa and make extra money.

The Dinarian:

The clothing of the Dinarian Mountain Range is characterised by highly decorated costumes of kneaded and spun cloth – often decorated with leather attachments. The most commonly used colours are dark – including black, brown, dark green, red, dark blue, and purple. Gold and silver decorations are used for more lavish costumes, which are hung with massive filigree ornaments.

The Adriatic

Old costumes are still worn on certain islands and coastal regions in the Adriatic area, such as Susak, Krk, Konavli, and Lastovo. The costumes are extremely diverse – spanning from ornate and lavish maxi-dresses in the Konavle region to the mini-costumes worn on the island of Susak. There is a predominant use of luxurious lace and creases on costumes from this area.